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  • Practical instant hijab available in navy blue, black, olive, light grey and barley
  • Simply slip on the ready pleated bonnet part in the centre and style your hijab
  • Chifffon georgette material
  • Measures approximately 90 inches by 30 inches
  • No need for undercaps and bonnets
  • Ideal for first time hijabis, mums on the go, everyday smart workwear and for those who struggle to wear the hijab

2 reviews for INSTANT HIJAB

  1. Latifa

    Was so excited about this hijab and it didn’t disappoint! It is so easy to put on and the already pleated triangular bit on the forehead is fab. It really slims my face down. The fabric is great quality too. I have navy blue as well and I will certainly be buying more colours when you get them in. Big thumbs up from me

  2. Nazmin

    I recently ordered my first instant hijab, and I have to say it’s amazing. Wearing hijab is new to me and always find it difficult to set, but this is perfect in that the instant hijab is effortless and takes very little time

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